Lucas Bros Barbers

Address: 132, Myddleton Road, London, N22 8NQ

Telephone: 0208 881 5311

Year: 1982

There has been a barber shop called Lucas Bros on Myddleton Road since 1982... 

It's one of the oldest businesses on the street. But it was in 2014 that Lucas Bros got a new lease of life.

For years, Kyri worked as a barber in the Barbican, cutting the hair of suited-and-booted City workers. Having shopped with his family on Myddleton Road as a child, he'd long had an eye on Lucas Bros.

Born and raised in Haringey, Kyri was a star of the North London KOPA football league, and nearly went pro. Eventually, Kyri took a gamble on his dream of running his own barber shop.

Now, Lucas Bros serves the men and boys of Bowes Park. In some families, three generations of males all head to Kyri's shop for a trim.